Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who's on First?

This is the conversation that occurred on our way home from school today. For those of you who are from the area, we were driving on Highway 150 towards the Galleria. (This information is helpful later in the story.)

Joshua was telling me about the kids in his class. He said that there was a little girl named Anne, which is a close name to Annie, but not quite.

Me: So, you have an Anne and an Annie in your class?
Joshua: Huh? Just Anne and Annie. No and or an.
Me: What? You have an Anne and an Annie?
Joshua: NO! Anne and Annie. Just them.
Me: (Letting it go) OK.

Then, this is what Joshua had to say, all in a row, just like I'm writing it.

"Sam got on yellow today. He told Ms. Dana a wie. (lie) So we had math jar today. We were supposed to have Alpha bucket, but Ms. Dana forgot. We had cookies in the math jar. I guessed 21, which was close, but there were only 19. Oh, and I'm the calendar helper. I hold the flag, and we tell the weather and the months and the days and the Summer or Winter or Fall. They were Halloween cookies with cats and pumpkins. We'll do alpha bucket tomorrow. Cookies start with C, though. I want to be Sing for Halloween. (Me: What do you want to be?) Sing. (Me, remembering that Joshua often says "S" for "Th": Oh, Thing). Yes, Mommy. What are you gonna be? You've already been a kitty cat, so you have to be something else."

Now, by this point, we had reached the turn to get on the fly over by the Chick fil A, and a firetruck zoomed by.

"Look! A firetruck. And there's the American Flag. (On the Chic fil A roof) And a cow with a person in it! (Outside of Chic fil A) Do you think that is a cow with a person in it, or a person dressed up like a cow? I think it's just a costume. You know, I could be Ironman for Halloween. They have that costume, you know. Do you think I'll get treats? How many? I will have to eat a good dinner on Halloween so I can have one of those treats."

Sheesh. That's all I have to say.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wobbly Weebles

Tidbits from the past few days:

Joshua "accidentally" got moved to yellow the other day at school. According to him, this occurred because he and his buddy Sam "accidentally" bumped heads. After some prodding, he revealed that he and Sam were both standing on the stool in front of the sink that the kids use to reach it. I asked who was washing his hands, and apparently Sam was. I asked if Joshua was supposed to be on the stool. His reply: "Well, I just couldn't go under it, and I couldn't go around it, so I had to go over it." Yeah, right.

After watching a commercial for the NEW and improved Weebles, Joshua looked at me and said, "Mommy, I just need some of those Weebles because they wobble but don't fall down. I have lots of toys, but they all fall down. I need some that don't fall."

This morning, Matt was getting Joshua his breakfast. Joshua has decided he doesn't like the "crust" of Poptarts (the non-iced part). He asked Matt to take it off, and Matt told him to do it himself. Joshua said, "But daddy, it's so much easier if you do it." I'm sure things are easier if other people do them.

I can't quote it exactly, but he was chosen today to say the blessing at church during Clubhouse (worship for 4 and 5 year olds). It was simply the most precious thing I have ever heard. Period. I love him to pieces!

On a side note, Matt and I are hoping that Caleb will actually learn to talk. It may be difficult since Joshua NEVER STOPS.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Kid Who Eats Stuff

So, today Joshua provided an update on the disappearing biting kid. Apparently he also eats puzzles because today he "got on yellow" for eating letter shaped puzzle pieces. He must eat more than just other children.

He also told me that he forgot to push his "self control" button today. That's what Ms. Dana told him, anyway. He also said that his button is this little red smiley face sticker that he has in his room. So, no pushing the sticker means no self control. Only a four year old would think that he literally has a self control button!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a Monday

So, today was a LONG day. Caleb got his first shots. Not too fun. Joshua was none too happy about him getting "vatcines" as Joshua calls them. (We do not call them shots. Just ups the anxiety factor to call them something sounding so violent.) Anyway, the first one was an oral one, but Joshua sat with his hands over his ears just in case.

When we got home, Joshua laid on the floor to make a "floor angel". See pictures above.

He has also reached the stage where his pretend play has become very real to him. Case in point: Today, he was doing something with Matt's computer chair that was causing it to make a noise. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, "Mo-om, (please hear it in two syllables) I just had to get more tickets for my game." Oh. That makes perfect sense. Why did I even have to ask?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

School Days

Joshua tells such interesting stories about school. Yesterday, he told me that someone kicked him "just to see what would happen". He also said someone else bit his friend Sam, and that person "disappeared for a while". Yikes! Pretty sure that person "disappeared" to Mrs. Jo Ellen's office!

Today, they made necklaces with Apple Jacks cereal. He was examining it when he got home and said, "The red parts are the apples and the other parts are the jacks."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Football Player

Today Joshua informed me that his job right now is playing football. In order to do this, he must eat vanilla wafers and Cheeze Its. He must eat these things so that he can run fast with the ball. Not sure exactly when he does this job of his or where his paychecks are going. . .

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joshua's Sleeping Position

Today Joshua told me that he sleeps with one arm up above his head and his tongue sticking out. He says he sleeps this way EVERY time he is asleep. I begged him to demonstrate so that I could take a picture, but he said if he did, he would fall asleep.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boys' Night

When I am not at home, Joshua has named the night "Boys' Night".  Tonight I went to dinner with some girls, and the boys watched football.

I came home to a very sweet Caleb who just grinned and cooed at me before I put him in bed.  So precious.

The highlight, however, was when Joshua told me that they watched the Jets and the Raisins (aka Ravens) play football.  =)

In other news, Joshua just got out of his bed to ask how many sides an "X" has.  I let Matt handle that one, and he actually told him to ask his teacher tomorrow.  So sorry Mrs. Dana.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

If you insist

So, I've been told that I had better start writing things down.  Maybe folks are afraid I will lose my mind, forgetting all the cute things my oldest says.  Not really sure, but I will try to put something down here so that I can read it after I'm senile.

So, the other night Joshua and I were leaving church in Matt's car.  Matt had these Super Heroes in his car that he was supposed to take into work to add to his LARGE collection in his office.  They've been there for some time now, and this was bothering Joshua.  He asked me, "Mommy, is Daddy going to take those to work before he is married again?"  Now, a little necessary back story:  We always tell him that things will happen before he is married.  Like, when will this hurt go away, when will I get this toy, when will I learn to do such and such, etc.  All answered with "before you are married".  Matt said he took them to work the next day.  Wonder if he's getting remarried soon.

We were watching the news the other day and Joshua saw the story about the gas fire in California.  He asked me where it was and I told him in California.  His response:  "OH NO!  Lightning can't race there anymore!"

Song Joshua sang to Caleb:  "You will always be safe.  You will because I love you, I love you, I love you."