Thursday, April 7, 2011

Highlights From Chattarooga, etc.

Last weekend we took a trip to Chattanooga, or "Chattarooga" according to Joshua. It was a fun time despite Caleb being cranky because he is getting his top two front teeth. We went to the zoo and to the children's museum. The best part of the zoo was spying the mother snow leopard with her cub. So precious.

Well, I know you only read this to find out what funny things Joshua says, so here goes.

1. We had a visiting German Shepherd dog at our cabin. We were warned by the owner beforehand that the dog may visit and that the dog was friendly, so we were not concerned when he (or she) showed up on the front porch. The funny part was that Joshua named the dog "German Shepherd". He would announce when German Shepherd left and when he returned. He would yell while walking in the woods for German Shepherd to come, too. Even funnier was that we all ended up naming that poor dog German Shepherd.

2. While attempting to find a specific ice cream shop, we got a wee bit lost. We drove over the same bridge two or maybe even three times. Matt said, "Well, life is an adventure." Joshua piped up, "Yeah, and I've got a souvenir." He was referring to his new snow leopard that he had gotten from the zoo, but our new quote is "Life is an adventure, and I've got a souvenir."

3. Joshua learned the word "souvenir". He decided he likes them. A lot. He wants to know why we don't get souvenirs from Birmingham.

4. (This is not a Joshua quote) We went to this fabulous local art store and met a dog named "Orange". Well, Orange stole Caleb's sock. Caleb loves to take off his socks, and the dog just took it right from him. We all got a good laugh from that.

In other news, while coming home from school today, Joshua started going on about things that Caleb stole from him. Such as peanuts, food for his frog, and lightning bugs. Apparently he left all of these things in the car while he was at school. He informed Caleb that, because he took his things, he would sell Caleb for a dollar. Very random.