Monday, September 26, 2011

Johnny Appleseed

Joshua has Johnny Appleseed Day at school today. He has just recently discovered that he likes apples, so he was pretty excited about this day.

We had to pick out an apple for him and send it to school. He was supposed to pick the color he wanted, and he picked yellow. I think he wanted that just because I told him they were called Golden Delicious. They MUST be good with a name like that.

The instructions said that we were to wash the apple before we sent it to school. He was really concerned about that part, and he watched me wash it last night. I rinsed it and dried it off with a towel. He said, "That's it?! I thought you needed to use some apple soap or something." No, no apple soap.

Then, he said, "I'm just so excited about Junie Apple Day!" Um, that would be Johnny Appleseed Day.

Finally, we had a big discussion about the date today. He wanted to know if yesterday was "the twentieth of fifth" because he was pretty sure Junie Apple's birthday was on the "twentieth of sixth". I just let that go. :-)

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