Saturday, March 5, 2011

Noah and The Dogfoot Tree

The funniest conversations with Joshua always take place in the car. Like last Wednesday night, for example. We were headed home in Matt's car, and Joshua was playing with some knit hats that Matt had in the backseat. He stuffed all of them (probably four or five) under his chin. I asked him what he was doing. This is what transpired:

Me: Joshua, what are you doing?
J: (In a DEEP voice) I'm not Joshua. I'm Noah.
Me: Oh. Well, Noah, what are you doing?
J: I'm building an ark.
Me: Why?
J: Because God told me to.
Me: Why?
J: Because there is going to be a flood.
Me: What's that?
J: I don't know. We've never had one before.
Me: Oh. Well, why are you going to have one now?
J: Because so many people are bad.
Me: Who will be with you on the ark?
J: Just my family and the animals.
Me: How many animals?
J: Two of each. Like two. . . (He named MANY types of animals)
Me: How long will you be stuck on this ark?
J: 40 days and 40 nights.
Me: How will you know when to come off the ark?
J: I will send a dove.
Me: Well, why did God choose you to build the ark?
J: Because I'm pretty good.
Me: Oh. That's quite a story.
J: Yes, and it's in the Bible so it's true.

All told in that same silly, deep voice. Priceless.

The next morning, Joshua brought up the fact that I think Bradford Pear trees stink. I had mentioned that to him before we got in Matt's car the night before. He saw some Dogwood trees on the way to school, and I was having a TERRIBLE time trying to explain to him that Dogwoods were not the same as Bradford Pears. This became evident when he said, "Well, I just think those Dogfoot trees are stinky because dogs have stinky feet." So glad he cleared that up.

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