Monday, March 14, 2011

The Elephant

Last Saturday, we all went to the zoo. We were going to check out the new Trails of Africa section that has just opened. We were hoping to see the elephant because our zoo has not had an elephant since we have lived in Birmingham. We were a little sad when the elephant was no where to be found.

I was told that the elephant got scared when he heard all of the people and retreated to his house where he remained for the rest of the day. I explained all of this to Joshua which was challenging since he cannot seem to comprehend why on earth a big old elephant would be afraid of little bitty people. I also explained that this elephant lives in our zoo because he has a broken tusk.

My sweet boy then wanted to know if the elephant was embarrassed by his broken tusk and didn't want people to look at him. I told him that I was sure that was not the problem, and that I was pretty sure that he was just not used to so many loud people.

Then he said, "Well, next time we'll just have to talk a little quieter, like a whisper. Maybe then he'll come out."

I just love him.

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